Power Supply for Your Security Gadgets

Today, it is more important than ever to have a power supply for each of your security gadgets. We live in a technologically advanced world where phones, computers and cameras are designed to be an extension of our hand. These devices help us navigate to places quicker, keep in touch with our loved ones and even check our email, all at the touch of our fingertips. There is nothing worse than having an emergency and having our device fail because the life of our battery ended. We can all forget to charge our devices overnight and in order to keep up with the pace of our tech world, we will need to continue to be diligent and plan ahead in order to have continuous usage while out and about in the community. Although internet cafes are starting to become more common all over the world, a 12 volt AC power supply is still a convenient way to keep your electronics operating at optimal capacity.

What is a 12 volt AC power supply?

This is a cable that is specifically designed to convert voltage from the wall outlet and provide 12 volts to common devices such as computers, phones and other everyday accessories. This is an important cable to have because the voltage in a typical residential home is approximately 120/240 volts in any residential house in North America, while most devices operate with a 12 volt. This cable will convert this high voltage for you.

What does Regulated Power Supply mean?

A regulated power supply produces regulated or a specified, constant output of voltage. For example, if you have a 12 volt regulated cable, it will provide you a steady flow of 12 volts. This regulator stabilizes any fluctuations that may occur from the wall outlet. Better yet, a regulator also reduces the “ripple” or noise in the output current. This is a very important aspect of this type of cable because if it is not regulated, the fluctuations, ripples or noise can damage your equipment, or even cause a fire.

Avoid Over-current

These regulators also provide current limiting which protects the cable and attached accessory from over-current. Over-current occurs when excess current leaks through a conductor. When over-current occurs, it can lead to excessive heat in the attached unit and there is a substantial risk for fire or other damage to the equipment. Over-current can also lead to a short circuit or load faults. These cables usually have some type of overload protection that protects against these events.

Fortunately, there are many companies who offer power supply cables for your everyday electronics. They are specifically designed to be flexible to fit a variety of different security needs. However, be sure that you select a cable that provides the correct voltage to your electronic device. In the case that the current does not match your device, it may cause a malfunction or even fire. Protect your electronics with the correct cable.