Simple Tips to Fix This Error Today

The PS3 yellow light of death is becoming an increasingly discussed topic on PlayStation gaming forums. It seems that this fault is becoming increasingly apparent when a console reaches its 3rd-4th birthday, which is why more and more people are reporting this problem daily.

It also seems like a PS3 yellow light fix is becoming more difficult to come across – the old methods to fix a PS3 yellow light of death are reported to be hardly working anymore, with lots of people just giving up and sending their consoles back to Sony and getting a refurbished console for $150.

Follow my PS3 yellow light fix below, and have your console up and running again in no time.

1. Get your PlayStation 3 box, or any other similar sized box.

2. Put your console in facing down, so that the back vents of the PS3 are facing you.

3. Then take a hairdryer, and put it onto full power and heat and keep it blowing closely over the back vents of your console for at least 15 minutes.

4. By doing this in the box, you trap the heat in the system. The reason for doing this will be explained shortly.

5. After the 15 minutes is up, put the back vents by a fan or air conditioning unit, until the console has cooled off fully (usually around 25-30 minutes).

6. Then plug it in, and Voila!

In case you are wondering why you had to put your console back in its box, the PS3 electronics are made with lead free solder. Because lead free solder is of very poor quality and vulnerable to cracks, once you get a crack, you will get the ‘PS3 yellow light.’ By putting the PS3 in a box and heating it up, it acts as a makeshift oven, and gets so hot inside it melts the solder, and hardens back up when the system cools.

If this method didn’t work for you, I recommend using a PS3 yellow light fix repair guide.